Trade In Calculator

We want you to trade-in your used vehicle to us!

To replenish our used vehicle inventory, we source quality pre-owned vehicles from live auction, online auction, and on trade-in from our customers.

Sure, we go to the auctions, but we'd rather take your current vehicle as a trade-in. This process allows us to fully assess the vehicle we are buying and gather from you, the current owner, valuable vehicle history information. We have found that most customers who are shopping for a used vehicle love it when we can give them a detailed history about the vehicle they are considering buying.

When we buy your trade-in we get to see it, inspect it, and find out what type of servicing has been done. We save time and money on shipping and can afford to pay you top dollar.

Want to know how much your current vehicle is worth on trade? Fill out the form below, and we'll send you a detailed appraisal.